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Body Worn Camera

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WA3 GPS Body Worn Camera | WZ6 Dual HD lens Body Worn Camera | WA7 Amba7 Body Worn Camera | Central Application/Docking station | Central Application/Docking station | WZ5 body worn camera | WA8 rotating lens body camera | WZ9 dual cards new body camera | WN10 Novatek Newest Body Worn Camera | WG2 Smart Glasses GL01 | 4000mAh Battery WA7D Body Camera | WV8 GPS Body Camera | WN9 Novatek Dual Card Design Body Camera | WG4 GPS 3G/4G/WiFi Live Streaming Body Camera | Small One Touch Record Body Camera |

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Advanced Plus Group Ltd will attend HK global sources exhition, welcome your visit! | Advanced Plus Group Ltds successful exhibition! | Advanced Plus Group Ltd see you again on the HK global sources exhition in October! | Advanced Plus 2015 Oct Hongkong fair | 2016 CES booth No 83139 | WG2(GL01)Newest WiFi Bluetooth Smart Glasses Launched in the market | 5C14 Our Fair Coming in 2016 |