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Skype: bill.jasin

Products > Body Worn Camera > > DS3 Terminal Docking Station 8 ports
Product name : DS3 Terminal Docking Station 8 ports
Product No. : DS3
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Appliance :

1. body camera charging docking station

2. High power data transfer



1.Fully compliant with USB 2.0/1.1 device, transfer rate up to 480Mbp

2.Good thermal performance metal case

3.Can connect body cameras with 5V/600MA

4.External power adapter support power supply

5.Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Mac OS X or above. Linux 3.0 or above.


MTT data architecture to improve the transmission rate

Standard 12V, 5A power adapter to ensure enough current supply

8units of body cameras can connect, charge power and data transfer at the same time.

The inside HUB uses high quality aluminum alloy to ensure heat dissipation and improve anti-interference capacity

Supply 5V/600mA sufficient current per port and provide data transmission.

Product parameter



Output Interface:

USB 2.0 *8 Port

Product Size:






Net Weight


Gross Weight


Max Data Transfer Rate

up to 480Mbp

Power adapter

12V 5A

Rated Output

5V 600mA

Current protection/Hot Plug


Security Module:

Over-current,Over-voltage,Short circuit protection

Support System:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac9.0 etc.

Inside HUB Certificate

CE, FCC, Rosh approval



  Inside HUB is a kind of high speed and industrial grade USB2.0 HUB designed to meet the requirements of high transmission performance. Inside HUB has stable read-write performance for adopting technical grade USB main control unit and MTT data architecture. The housing of inside HUB is full aluminum alloy goes through anodic oxidation process, which ensures its fineness appearance, good heat dissipation and easy installation.

  Appliance: It can support 8 body cameras for the application of data transmission and charging at the same time, and provide maximum 600mA charging current per port.  Each port of the hub should have over-current and over-voltage protection.



Package Includes:

1. 1 PCS 10 port USB Hub 

2. 1 PCS USB Cable

3. 1 PCS 12V 5A Power Adapter (NOTE: Power cord: US/EU/UK/AU)


How to use?

1、 Connect the AC line with DC12V/5A power adapter.

2、 Connect the AC power line to power socket.

3、 Connect the DC12V/5A line to DC outlet of 8-unit-dock

4、 Put the power switch to “ON”

5、 Now the power output will be 5V.

6、 Connect the USB line from computer’s USB to 8-unit-dock side USB, then you can start your read-write operation (data copy, data download, etc.)

7、 Pull out and separate the power line, power supply, 8-unit-dock and USB cable for properly keeping after the application completed.



1.Use in a dry environment to avoid humidity affects internal circuit board design.

2.Plug the intelligent equipment with a right way to avoid damaging the USB interface.



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