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Products > Body Worn Camera > > WA1 WiFi Surveillance Camera
Product name : WA1 WiFi Surveillance Camera
Product No. : 2021422103548
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  WA1 WiFi Camera


Sensor  1080p  GC2053  CMOS sensor
Lens 120°wide angle lens
Size 62*60*96.5mm
Sensor Performance Support automatic white balance, automatic gain control, automatic backlight compensation
Signal-to-noise ratio ≥39dB
Minimum illumination 0.8Lux/F1.4(color mode),0.3Lux/F1.4(b&w mode)
Night vision Automatic switching of dual filters, 8 850nmΦ28Mil high-power infrared lamps
Night vision distance The best effect is 5 meters, the longest distance is 10 meters
Motion detection PIR motion detection, sensitivity adjustable detection distance (trigger immediately within the effective distance) The best 2 meters, the farthest 10 meters (affected by ambient temperature and light)
Video format  MP4(H.264)
Laser light Built-in laser light for positioning
Video recording mode 1.Motion detection recording;2.Preview recording
Video length 1,Motion detection video length is 15seconds  2,Mobile phone APP preview recording video length is 3min. 
Battery 6000mAH(removable)
Battery life Sleep standby for 3 months Recording 30 15-second videos per day can last 45 days
WIFI connection 2.4GHz wifi,(802.11 b/g/n)
Storage Support cloud storage function (hardware without TF card function) 7-day cycle, (the cloud storage on the first day will be automatically deleted on the eighth day)
working voltage 3.7V battery module
Working current Start working current 350mA (milliamps), sleep standby current 1.7mA
USB charging  DC 5V / 1.5A(Support solar panel charging)
Storage temperature(℃) (0℃~50℃)
Working temperature(℃) Working temperature:-10~70℃,working humidity<95%
Activation methods 1.Motion detection,2.Mobile phone APP
Waterproof standard IP65
APP access doorbell rules 1 main account + 8 sharing accounts = 9 users can connect to the doorbell Only 3 users can preview the screen at the same time, and only one user can talk to the doorbell at a time
Usage Guests visiting can make video and voice calls and short-term video recording, and the host can monitor at any time
Features Wireless connection, ultra-low power consumption, remote active wake-up, support for multiple accounts to watch online at the same time

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